Hourly Consulting Fees

We recommend our Contingency Consulting service, where benefits are shared and you don’t owe if we don’t make a difference!

For clients who prefer traditional billing by the hour, we offer the following:

Strategic Focus and Efficiency @ $180 / hr
Projects meant for long-term improvements that may take several years to pay off. May require equipment or facilities investments costing tens of thousands of dollars.

Goal Achievement Assistance @ $120 / hr
Projects may include implementing new software, launching a marketing campaign, putting together a business-critical presentation, or completely rethinking a process.

Office Process Improvement @ $80 / hr
Simple, hands-on projects to make repetitive tasks more efficient. Expenses for tools and materials are typically less than $1,000.


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Please note that prices indicated are list prices subject to change without notice. All terms of work, including pricing, are subject to establishing a signed contract.