Consulting Services

Small business owners are often so busy trying to keep the business running that they have trouble taking time to improve how the business runs. The people they’ve hired are great at what they do – careful accountants, talented technicians, cheerful and reliable servers. They’re great people and hard workers, but they each see things their own way. It’s up to the owner to see how it all fits together and figure out improvements to increase revenues and decrease costs.

And it just feels like opportunities are being missed.

Gallicant can help. From years of studying the Toyota Production System we understand the power of simplicity and visibility, and that small things done often are usually your biggest opportunities to cut costs. From years of working to introduce new technology in established industries we know that great ideas are worthless without great customers.

More than anything else, we’re proud to say we’ve helped people along the way: analysts, engineers, public relations specialists, accountants, customer service representatives, manufacturing directors, administrative assistants, CFO’s, shipping clerks, national account managers, and many others.

If we can help even more people, we’ll be even more pleased.


Our projects will either focus on cost reduction through process improvement, or increased revenue through development and implementation of a marketing strategy.

Reducing Costs Increasing Revenues


We recommend our Contingency Consulting services, which shares the benefits of an improvement project between the employees, the owners, and the consultants. Hourly rates are available for those who prefer more traditional arrangements.

Contingency Consulting Hourly Consulting