Why Choose Gallicant?

Choose Gallicant when profit is not enough.

Purpose Above Profit

It is necessary to breathe to live, but you do not live just to breathe. It is necessary to make a profit to stay in business, but you do not stay in business just to make a profit. You have other reasons for being in business.

If you work with us, we will respect and advance your purpose.

People Above Profit

Achieving profitability is necessary to continue to pay people for their work. A portion of the profits can and should be used to retain, improve, and reward the people who helped you achieve profitability.

We will work to improve people who are willing to work to improve.

Profiting Together

A change that makes one process easier might make four other processes harder. If that’s actually necessary for the common goal, everyone affected needs to understand why. Moving the problem outside the project scope is not success.

The success of your whole team is more important than the success of our one project.